Clinicals & Rotations

What are ‘clinicals’?

Clinicals are supervised work sessions in real health care settings, allowing students to work with patients. Students enrolled in a college or university healthcare program are able to put their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to work.

Students are rotated through a variety of departments, as deemed necessary by their program. This allows students to interact with a wide variety of patient interventions and situations, under the supervision of their instructor and/or facility healthcare professional(s). Clinicals are like internships, and they are a critical and required part of patient care training.

Before being allowed to participate in clinicals, students must successfully complete training in the classroom, skills lab and laboratory. The proper paperwork must be completed, including health/vaccination requirements and a criminal background check. A confidentiality agreement must be signed by the student. Your high school careers counselor or college/university program instructors can direct you to a list of the requirements for the program(s) you are interested in.

Residents participate in a residency program and work at rotation sites.

The Greater Green Bay Health Care Alliance looks forward to working with you as you enter one of our member facilities for your learning experience.